Supervision on a gestalt psychotherapy ground signifies among other things to be in a ”here and now” process with what comes forward during the session.

What takes place in the supervision room might be a parallel process of the current situation between you and your client.
We try to make clear where the responsibility lies in this particular situation: the client, the employer, you or someone else?

It is very important to create a secure and comfortable atmosphere among the participants in a supervision group. It is important that everyone has the courage to come forward, to feel that being yourself is enough and not to feel any pressure to ”be good” and achieve since this is what you do at your work every day. Instead we dare to be curious and to explore different dilemmas and situations together in the group in a creative and acknowledging climate.

Kristina Elgenstierna’s theoretical methods are based on her bachelor degree in social studies as well as her master in
gestalt psychotherapy.