Kristina Elgenstierna lectures about:

  • Family treatment during cancer or life threatening disease
  • Recent and frozen/deadlocked grief
  • Crisis and trauma

Lectures are held for the public, country council, local government, patient associations and universities. Kristina Elgenstierna lectures for big and small groups and adapts her lectures after the audience. They are based on concrete examples from reality. Pictures drawn by children and adults will be shown. She further gives guidance for difficult conversations and educates in how to work with the whole family during a life threatening disease or in grief.

Extract from ”Between hematologists” concerning a lecture Kristina gave in Gothenburg for the Swedish Union for Hematologists:

”Kristina Elgenstierna….spoke about the subject ’The familiy and the seriously ill patient’. She had in a piece of work with gestalt psychotherapy followed a number of couples where one of the partners had been struck by a life-threatening cancer disease. The lecture was extremely sad, beautiful and at the same time full of hope. Many of us felt the tears come…”