Gestalt psychoterapy

The meaning of gestalt psychotherapy is to motivate you to go back to a situation you have previously run away from due to pain and uneasiness.

When returning to the situation the pain will strike again. This is inevitable and necessary. The unfinished situation needs to be integrated and worked through. In therapy you have the possibility to come to an end, here and now, in order to move on.

In therapy we explore how you relate to life and your surroundings. The therapy room is an experimental room where we try our way ahead. Conversations, pictures, body and movement are a few of our tools. The most important is the contact and relation between the client and the therapist.

In gestalt therapy the most important is your experience here and now, not the therapist’s interpretation of you as a client. The method is to be open and curious and to help you see how you do and not why.
With families and couples we work in the contact between you here and now. We explore what you are avoiding. We further practice to think what you are thinking, to feel what you are feeling and to be in that together.

”The paradoxical theory of change means that change occurs only when you allow yourself to be what you are, instead of trying to be what you would like to be.”