Depression is a completely normal phenomenon. We have all been low-spirited and perhaps felt resignation during periods. It is part of life just as happiness, anger and grief.

It can be hard to tell the difference between grief and depression. In rule, when someone is mourning, we understand why. There is an obvious reason. Sometimes it can be hard to see an obvious reason for a depression.

You need help when a depression is preventing you from living your ordinary life.

Panic disorder

You live in an arduous and heavily overloaded situation. Your body gives you a signal, anxiety. The anxiety starts somewhere in the body and then spreads. Anxiety is fear, intense discomfort and high tension.

The symptoms can amongst others be fatigue, dizziness, cold sweating, shakiness, nausea, heart palpitations, chest pain and short of breath. Anxiety itself is not unhealthy. The fear always has a concrete content e.g. fear of death.

Expectation anxiety is anxiety for the anxiety. The anxiety is such an awful experience that the mere thought of having it sends you into panic. Someone has said that: ”You have to enter the room of anxiety in order to repaper”.

To help you with your panic disorder we work with a very concrete method that has given very positive results.