Having a crisis is a very sound reaction. It is very important that a crisis is not encapsulated. It should be lived through. To achieve the courage to do that you may need support.

Most of us have been through some kind of crisis and have an idea of what it means – it can be a life crisis, a divorce, unemployment etc. A life crisis can involve thoughts such as: ”Is this how I want to live the rest of my life?”

In acute crisis and life crisis you may be helped by speaking to a person who is not directly connected to you, who does not ”drop dead” out of consternation, who can take your dwelling and who can explore new angles of approach together with you in order to move on.


Trauma is a physical injury on the body caused by violence, accident or natural disaster. With this physical injury follows an emotional damage and a traumatic experience.

Several horrid experiences form a trauma, e.g. a prolonged and reiterated assault. Many refugees are traumatised. They have seen their friends and family get killed; they have been scared for their lives and might have hidden in small spaces for years.

Crisis and trauma can generally be healed if you receive good help. If you put the lid on and do not express your feelings and thoughts your health is at high risk.