About us

Idea and vision

GestaltStudion’s vision is to offer family treatment during cancer or other life threatening disease on
a gestalt psychotherapeutic ground.

Furthermore we want to increase the understanding for the whole family’s needs when a deadly disease strucks a family member. To achieve this we will offer information, lectures and education to universities, hospital staff, patient and relative associations, county council, and so forth. Furthermore we wish to offer specialised and competent treatment for trauma, crisis and complicated grief processes.

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Social workers and therapists

Kristina Elgenstierna

Kristina Elgenstierna MD

Social worker and gestalt psychotherapist

Kristina has over 20 years experience with cancer patients and their families, trauma, crisis, panic disorder and unsolved grief. She worked as a medical social worker at Örebro University Hospital between 1988 and 2008. Since 1994 she
supervises separate occupational groups within country council, local government, companies and organisations. In addition she supervises families within strongly strengthened family home care.

In 1999 she started up ”Sorggruppen”, a treatment group for complicated grief after the Danish method ”The Necessary Pain”. She is still running this activity that today belongs to the Psychotherapy Group, Administration of Psychiatry in Örebro County Council.

Kristina founded GestaltStudion AB in 2001. Since 2008 she has been running the company on a full time basis.


Master of Science in Gestalt Psychotherapy 1999-2003,
Gestalt Academy in Scandinavia in association with
University of Derby, England.
Psychosocial further education in Gestalt Therapy 1992-1994
Bachelor Programme in Social Studies, graduated in 1981
Contact: info@gestaltstudion.se

Ulla Åberg

Ulla Åberg, co-worker

Social worker with further education in complicated grief

Ulla works as a social adviser at the Swedish employment office. She is specialised in working life rehabilitation.


Educated in ”The necessary pain” – treatment for
unsolved grief 1999.
Basic course in gestalt psychotherapy 1994
Bachelor programme in Social Studies, graduated in 1994.

Contact: ulla.aberg@gestaltstudion.se

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Linda Jonsson

Kim Loeld

Lena Enerbäck